A friend and colleague of mine, Eric Willeke, has helped lead a team to create and deploy an interesting new site at where an ordinary person can take the pictures they have taken with their digital camera and make a simple and professional-looking bound photo book based on them. Erik has posted a bit more about it here. It’s a great example of a nice, clean, Silverlight 2.0 app that focuses on the end user experience and not on trying to show off the bells and whistles of the platform.

Ignoring the technology, this is a great site and idea! For as little as $14 (softback) to $25 (hardback), you can have the pictures printed and bound into a nice little book. His team has done a wonderful job and this site offers a great little product! If you’ve spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on a trip or vacation, why would you NOT want to dish out another $25 to be able to cherish it and share it with others? Also, if you forgot to buy somebody a souvenir while you were out, this would be a great thing to consider as well!


PS. Mom, if you see this and get something like this from my trip to Vegas last weekend, it’s NOT because I forgot to get you something!! 😉

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