IndyTechFest registration is now open!

IndyTechFest registration is now open! This year there is a limit of 500 registrations (I believe last year’s was like 400 and it was booked up within just a couple weeks). So I strongly encourage you to register sooner rather than later!

There is a great lineup of speakers and sessions at this year’s IndyTechFest! Some of the speakers I have seen speak before include Paul Hacker, Larry Clarkin, Michael Eaton, Arie Jones, Tom Pizzato, Dan Rigsby, and Bill Steele. There are many other great speakers that I know or have heard of. This should be an excellent event and one that is worth a good long drive to get to!

Some of the sessions that I’m really looking forwards to include Test Driven Development (TDD) w/ VS 2008, Tips and Tricks for the New C#, Tips and Tricks for the New VB .NET, Duplexing WCF in the Enterprise, and Virtualization of SQL Server. There are many other sessions that I’m going to hope to get to but alas, with it being a one-day event, I doubt I’ll get to most of the ones I really want to see. 😛

Props to the people who worked hard to make this event possible, including Brad Jones, Dave Leininger, John Magnabosco, Mark McClellan, and Bob Walker, as well as all of the support of the local user groups to help drive the event!

Just as I was wrapping this post up, I received a phone call. Apparently as of 1pm (1 hour after registration opened), nearly HALF of all available registration slots were filled! If you read this post and have not registered, go register NOW and don’t wait or you’ll be left out!


A friend and colleague of mine, Eric Willeke, has helped lead a team to create and deploy an interesting new site at where an ordinary person can take the pictures they have taken with their digital camera and make a simple and professional-looking bound photo book based on them. Erik has posted a bit more about it here. It’s a great example of a nice, clean, Silverlight 2.0 app that focuses on the end user experience and not on trying to show off the bells and whistles of the platform.

Ignoring the technology, this is a great site and idea! For as little as $14 (softback) to $25 (hardback), you can have the pictures printed and bound into a nice little book. His team has done a wonderful job and this site offers a great little product! If you’ve spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on a trip or vacation, why would you NOT want to dish out another $25 to be able to cherish it and share it with others? Also, if you forgot to buy somebody a souvenir while you were out, this would be a great thing to consider as well!


PS. Mom, if you see this and get something like this from my trip to Vegas last weekend, it’s NOT because I forgot to get you something!! 😉

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