Utility: WinSplit Revolution

So I was at work today with my 24″ LCD thinking, “Man, I wish I had a convenient way to organize/resize my windows such that I could see several at once beyond a generic ‘Tile Windows’ configuration.” So I remembered a little utility that kinda did this with a laptop I bought a couple years back by Acer called “Vista Grid”. But that didn’t quite tickle my fancy so I looked for some better alternatives.

The search led me to WinSplit Revolution (WSR). Yeah, it’s kind of a cheap-sounding name (kinda like www.superantispyware.com, which, by the way, is one of the better free anti-spyware apps out there!), but I really like it, plus it’s totally free!


Sending CTRL + ALT + DEL over Remote Desktop

Have you ever had to send control/alt/delete via Windows Remote Desktop/Terminal Services? If you try it, it ends up being caught on your local client machine. I just stumbled upon a nice trick. If you send [CTRL] + [ALT] + [END], then it will have the effect of [CTRL] + [ALT] + [DEL].

Go try it out! 🙂

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