Azure’s Service Bus and EnergyNet (PDC Day 0)

On Day 0 of Microsoft PDC, I attended the Software in the Energy Economy workshop. Much to my surprise (and disappointment), we didn’t talk about energy for the entire first half of the workshop. Instead, it was about Azure’s Service Bus. BAD Microsoft!! It was explained to us by Juval Lowy that he wanted to do it entirely on energy but Microsoft forced him to have half of the talk on the service bus. Now I can understand this from Microsoft, but this should have been clear to the people there. Honestly, I would have much preferred to go to another workshop than to learn about the Azure Service Bus. Cool stuff but my current analysis of it is that it’s way too unreliable (I don’t mean bugs, I mean lack of transactional support) and it is simply missing some of the things that I would want/need in such a system, like queues! There are hacks to implement them, but I don’t want to have such an important foundational part of my architectures built on hacks! Anyways, that can be for another day (gotta get to the keynote).


What am I up to?

I usually keep to technical topics on here but this one is going to take a step back.

In the past I have been a consultant through nearly my entire career. I have gone into new [to me] businesses, listened to what they wanted, helped them learn what they needed, helped them determine the correct solution for their need, often helped create these solutions or worked with the teams who created the solutions, helped the companies implement and deploy these solutions, helped with training, helped with post-deployment support, and anything else you can think of that goes with the territory. I have worked on single-person projects and have worked with teams ranging from 2 to 15 people. I have participated as a supporting developer, the lead developer, a supporting architect, the lead architect, a business analyst, and even a project manager on these different teams.

For the past year and a half, I have been working with the Indiana State Supreme Court on a project called eCWS. On this project I was the architect and lead developer in a team with 8 developers. My team and I designed, created, and maintained this entire system from scratch and won at least 3 international awards with the project. As of the time I rolled off of this project about a month ago the system had logged approximately 1 million citations and warnings, consisted of a laptop-based and PDA-based client (both of which were rock-solid and easily maintainable), a web-based client system, as well as some web-based server components while integrating with various electronic court systems (and of course most of these systems shared a common code-base to keep the code manageable).

Also, for the past year, I have helped to create the Indianapolis ALT.NET user group and have acted as the president of the user group. I have attempted to push a wonderful movement in furthering the community’s education on best practices and broadening the community’s range of thinking to more outside-the-box tools and techniques. As we are now, we are one of the most active and organized ALT.NET user groups in the world (and we’re about to step things up to the next level)!

For the past month I have done some consulting work for an older client of mine while waiting for negotiations and planning for “the big one” to come through. I’ve been ready to advance my career and, in doing so, will be stepping out of the consulting role I have been so successful in for years. Beginning today I will be joining the EnerGenuity team here in Indianapolis. EnerGenuity currently has a great software suite that keeps their customers happy (which include Fortune 500 and other companies). My official title, I think, is something like Technology and Product Development Manager (for the first time I’ll have a legitimate title and not one that I make up on-the-spot as so many software developers/consultants do!). In short, I will be leading the IT team for EnerGenuity. This is sure to be a challenging and rewarding experience in my life and I think EnerGenuity and I are a great match for each other! I think I have so much to offer and they have so much they need and the details in both of these seem like an absolutely perfect match!

So… that’s about it. Just thought I’d give you an update of what I was up to. 🙂


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