Indy Code Camp was fun!

Indy Code Camp is in its last session now. It was quite fun!

Personally, I really wish Indianapolis would have more events like this! This city is really starved for community software development events, at least applicable to .NET developers. Despite the slumping economy world-wide, the market in Indy is really good for .NET developers, which means we’ve been having a lot of new people moving into the area. The community here is growing quite fast, but we still don’t have many events. Currently we have the monthly .NET User Group meeting, a yearly Indy Tech Fest, and then random events similar to this. I know there is also Microsoft’s DevCares, I believe Crowe Chizek sponsors something, and there will soon be some Indy ALT.NET presentations. We really need more events to satisfy our hunger and the growing number of people in town, though!

But back to topic, I enjoyed Indy Code Camp! We had some really good presenters!


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