Going to PDC 2009

Yesterday I got the thumbs up that I’m being sent to PDC 2009 by my company! I planned on going whether I was sent or not but it’s nice to not have to foot the bill out of my own pocket this year. In 2005 I was lucky enough that my company covered airfare and hotel while Telerik was generous enough to cover my registration for the conference and the pre-conference. Last year I wasn’t so lucky and had to cover almost all of it out of pocket but that’s what you expect as a contractor.

Here’s what I have to do:
1. Plan the schedule for my trip (will fly my lady out Wed. or Thurs. and make a bit of a vacation out of the rest of the week/weekend)
2. Decide if I’m going to the pre-conference [done, and yes!]
3. Pick my hotel (with this help and others) – Figueroa Hotel is looking nice if they have wifi
4. RSVP for the Palermo party [done!]
5. Find my flight ($300 + $30-$80 checked luggage fees is what it’s looking like for nonstop round-trip, thx Orbitz)
6. Plan my session schedule
7. Buy a dual-core netbook (if they’re reasonably available in time, otherwise I may have to go with an HP dv2z)
8. Don’t forget deodorant!

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